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Mists of Pandaria

Hello and welcome.  On behalf of all the members of the Jaded Guild, we would like to enthusiastically welcome you to our guild website.  Jaded was formed as a guild for the purposes of giving our Horde guild mates an opportunity to raid end game instances as well as to provide a stress free and fun environment for adult minded gamers on Tanaris.  For more information on our rules and code of conduct, please read the guild policies.



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New Website

Welcome players on Tanaris.  This is Jaded's brand new website.  Hope you like it.  Bear with us as we work out the bugs and get things situated.  Now every guild member and other approved users are able to submit articles and upload images themselves.  Of course submissions will be subject to review and approval by an editor before they go live. 

Thanks for participating.



Guild Policies
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The Policies of Jaded have been created to give our Guild mates, as well as friends and potential Guild mates, the opportunity to understand why Jaded was created and how we do things.  In short, they should help you decide whether or not Jaded is the best fit for you as an endgame raider here on Tanaris.

Guild Mission

The mission of Jaded on Tanaris is as follows:

  • Raiding, first and foremost. We want to be the first guild on Tanaris to see every Endgame Instance and down Every Endgame Boss!
  • Win our Arena, Battleground, and World PvP objectives. Improve our skills so we can show the Alliance the error of their ways.
  • Collect the best gear available in order to continue our raiding success, whether it be from Raiding, Battlegrounds, Arenas, 5 mans, or Crafting.  Epic skills deserve epic gear!
  • To have Fun and enjoy our time together in game whether it’s beating down the Instance Bosses, terrorizing the Alliance, or just hanging around shooting the breeze.

Code of Conduct

Every member, old and new alike (including officers), are asked to respect the following code of conduct. 

  • Try to be available for raids as much as possible.  It is difficult to get 10 people together, let alone 25 in order to get into the instances that we like to run, so if you are online, and are not busy, please step up when asked.  Your Guild mates will be very appreciative.
  • If there are any problems between Guild mates, please try to solve them amongst yourselves.  If you cannot, please contact an officer of the guild so that we can help mediate.  Please do not start bitching and complaining on Guild chat or in the vent channel.  As communication is key in any raid, please refrain from putting Guild mates on Ignore.
  • It’s expected that members will not charge other Guild mates for services rendered, such as trade skills, potions or enchants.  Of course you are free to receive materials and gold if needed to compensate for time and materials, but not at over inflated prices.  – In other words, please do not make money off your Guild mates.
  • No begging.  This goes for gold as well as asking members to help in “running” alts through lower level instances or assisting in quests.  If you want to level your alt, then do so, but remember that the majority of Jaded Guild members are working towards the end game content that can only come from playing your main character and helping the Guild progress.  If your main is not the “Best it can be” then it will make it that much harder for the Guild to progress to more difficult Instances.
  • Try to keep the Guild chat and Vent fairly “clean”.  This is an adult oriented Guild and as such, jokes and comments can and will be a bit “bawdy” at times, but please just show your Guild mates the same respect that you would expect them to show you.
  • Remember that you are a representative of Jaded, and as such, should always treat others in the game as you would expect to be treated.
  • Jaded enforces a "Zero Tolerance" policy for any of the following behaviour:Excessive Vulgarity in guild chat, city chat, trade chat, raid chat, or on ventrilo.
    Sexually explicit conversation in any guild or publicly viewable forum.
    Any type of discriminatory language or references that may be taken as such.
    Any personal attacks, or name calling of any player in game.
    Comments against or criticising anyones Religion, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Preference... etcViolations of any of these rules, whether intentional or not, will result in disciplinary action ranging from a warning to immediate removal from guild without discussion.

Raiding Rules

  • Be on time.  If there is a scheduled raid, please don’t make your Guild mates wait!
  • Be Prepared.  Have your armor repaired.  Have plenty of enhancement food and potions on hand.  Have shards, pet food, candles, relics, and anything else needed for the run on hand.
  • When the groups are full and everyone has been summoned, get into the instance quickly and be ready to buff and set up.  When we enter the raid, until the Boss is dead, we are “working”, so lets get down to business as quickly and as orderly as we can.  This goes for hurrying back from the occasional wipe as well.  A few moments wasted can mean the difference between 1 more shot at the boss, or having to deal with respawns.
  • Be Knowledgeable. Read up on new Instances and watch videos before we try them.  Know your role in the fight before we start.  Understand the different roles that you character can and might be asked to do. 
  • Be on Vent and have all of the latest Guild required Addons loaded and functional. Currently, for raiding, we REQUIRE Ventrilo 3.0, Deadly Boss mods, and Omen Threatmeter.  Please also make sure your enemy casting bars are enabled in user interface.
  • When combat begins, avoid unnecessary conversation in vent. Keep channel clear for updates from raid leader, or for information that directly affects the outcome of the fight.
  • Rolling for loot: "Master Looter" option is implemented on all raids. Those who need items will be allowed to /roll when asked to do so.  Except for some restrictions on "Initiates" (see Jaded Ranks section), everyone that is on a run that is eligible for a main spec item that drops has the right to roll on it.The rational for this is that every member that contributes to an encounter is needed in order to take down the Boss, and as such, every member should have the right to roll.
  • Every member will have a declared "Main Raid Spec" All gear requested from raiding content should be for that spec.  If there is nobody that needs a certain piece for their main spec, everyone who wants the item for an off-spec may then roll.
  • It is expected that common courtesy, and consideration for your fellow guildmates be forefront in everyone's mind when they are deciding whether to roll on an item. Remember that a large upgrade for your friend will benefit the raid and the guild's overall progress more than a slight upgrade for yourself.
  • Officers may, after deliberation, request that someone pass on an item for a variety of reasons. Some of these include, yet are not limited to:
    - A player recieving an excessive number of items from a single boss or during a single run.
    - A player rolling on an item that is clearly more beneficial to another class or spec.
    - If an item would so dramatically benefit the raid or guild's progress by it's reassignment.
    (no officer shall act alone in such a decision, it must be made jointly, after deliberation, and be unanimous with all other officers/counsel)
  • All 25 man raids, and 10 man Jaded raids will be filled with MAIN characters first.  Alts will be invited only as needed to fill certain roles. In those cases, Alts are allowed to roll on drops, but it is urged that consideration be given to a main character that may need it.
  • No guild members will be allowed to pug groups with any other raiding guild for any 10 or 25 man content without prior approval from an officer.  This allows the guild maximum flexibility in planning and scheduling raids throughout the week. 
    (this does not apply to Heroics or Pre current content, but it is required that you make every attempt to fill the group with Jaded members before looking elsewhere)
  • Invitations to raids will be made just prior to their starting time, selecting from the available people online at that time.
  • Individuals selected to attend each raid will be decided by the raid leader in conjunction with the officers online. There are a wide range of criteria affecting the decision of who is brought to a raid, some of those weigh heavier than others. The more important are:Displayed dedication to the Guild
    Guild rank
    Raid experience
    Regular attendance
    Reliable connection
    Appropriate Gear for given content
    Effort made to improve character
    Guild's need to gear certain class

These policies are subject to change upon deliberation of the Officers of the Guild.  If you have any questions or comments, or would like to see a change, please feel free to contact one of the officers of Jaded in game or on the website and we will discuss the merits of the change.


Orgothorzad - GM



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WoW Armory Guild News

Gokussj obtained Grandiose Gauntlets.
10 minutes ago
Gokussj obtained Gloves of Volatile Ice.
10 minutes ago
Riviere obtained Cloudburst Ring.
2 hours ago
Riviere obtained Planetary Band.
2 hours ago
Riviere obtained Star Chaser Belt.
2 hours ago
Undertaker obtained Gaarn's Leggings of Infestation.
2 hours ago
Undertaker obtained Ook-Breaker Mace.
2 hours ago
Sinastus obtained Mantle of Nefarius.
2 hours ago
Sinastus obtained Crul'korak, the Lightning's Arc.
2 hours ago
Sinastus obtained Einhorn's Galoshes.
3 hours ago
Cryformesky obtained Heart of Rage.
3 hours ago
Cryformesky obtained Gloves of Cacophony.
3 hours ago
Cryformesky obtained Legguards of the Unseeing.
3 hours ago
Cryformesky obtained Treads of Savage Beatings.
3 hours ago
Sinastus obtained Leggings of Consuming Flames.
3 hours ago

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